Crews - London Ship Managers Ltd.

Crew Training

For three decades, London Ship Managers has had a close relationship with the Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC). Over 90% of London Ship Managers' officers are graduates of the college. London Ship Managers' Sri Lankan manning agent is one of the largest employers of the college's graduates outside Sri Lanka. This guaranteed supply of highly qualified personnel gives London Ship Managers a unique advantage.

Senior Staff

Senior officers, almost to a man, are long serving members of staff. Their knowledge, experience and professional competence in the trade are seen as extremely valuable assets and are highly appreciated by owners and especially charterers.

Crew Continuity

Crews on London Ship Managers' ships are not only experienced, they are loyal. It is not unusual to find on our ships, an uncle, father and son on board. Some Captains and Chief Engineers have been with us for over three decades, having started as cadets. That continuity helps protect the long term values of ship assets. With our roots in reefers, we can guarantee a crew with deep experience in shipping and refrigeration.

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