Overview - London Ship Managers Ltd.

London Ship Managers (LSM) manages reefers and container carrying ships, registered in a number of countries including the United Kingdom.

Our ship management extends far beyond the normal limits of a standard ship management contract. It embraces all aspects of ship owning, such as insurance, surveying and inspection, new building research, development and supervision, as well as sale and purchase.

4 main advantages of using lsm

London Ship Managers enjoys four main advantages over other ship management companies involved in refrigerated transport:

  • 1

    We have highly skilled, experienced and loyal crews.

  • 2

    Because of our long standing, unique relationship with the Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC) in Sri Lanka, we are guaranteed a supply of well trained crews.

  • 3

    Being London based, we have direct access to many shipping industry suppliers, plus we have a branch in the Philippines.

  • 4

    Because of our strong track record, we enjoy favourable insurance rates which are passed as savings to our customers.