Profile - London Ship Managers Ltd.

London Ship Mangers Limited, a wholly owned company of the De Nadai Group of Padua, Italy, was formed in 1992, specialising in reefer and container ship management.

Crew Experience

Crews on ships managed by London Ship Managers are unlike many others in the refrigerated cargo business. They are amongst the most experienced and they are extremely loyal.

London Based

London is more than just a convenient city for travel and time zone access to the Americas and the Far East. It means we also have direct, local contact with many other suppliers to the shipping industry. Plus, our Davao City office in the Philippines offers ship owners and other interested parties local knowledge and expertise.

A Fair Market Price

The experience and training of our crews set us apart. What makes us average are our operating costs. Our rates are not higher than most others, nor will we cut so much that the quality of our service suffers. And because of our long standing track record, we enjoy better terms and conditions from service providers with savings passed directly to our customers.

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